Dad’s Pet Peeve!

Boy behind Target shopping cartAs parents, I believe something happens to us, the moment our child is born, that causes us to develop more pet peeves.  Some may argue that mothers have these more so than dads.

Well, I’m a dad and I discovered I have a pet peeve when it comes to my son!  Fair warning, yep I know it’s trivial.  But … isn’t the what “pet peeves” are … Trivial.

When I’m out running errands with my son it really irks me to hear people make comments like “you’ve got yourself a big helper” or if we frequent a place and I don’t have him with me … “where’s your helper today?”  UGH!! It drives me nuts!  Until recently, I didn’t really understand why it bothered me.  I mean on the surface it sounds innocent and enduring.

Jacob is naturally helpful.  That’s just who he is.  But, with that said he is a child and he’s my son first and foremost.   As a dad with cerebral palsy, I’m very careful not to make him feel like his dad needs his help all the time.  I want him to be a kid and to be my son.  Pardon me, while my ego gives his 2 cents.  I’ve lived 42 years without my son and I’ve managed just fine.

Don’t get me wrong, Jacob has chores at home.  He feeds the dog, gathers his dirty laundry from his room, and he helps me bring in the empty trash cans from the road to the garage on trash day among other things.

When I finally sat down and thought about why it bothered me – I discovered, I being a protective dad and my male ego was getting in the way.  He’s at a very impressionable age and my protective dad instinct is not wanting Jacob to feel like he’s responsible for me and making sure his dad is okay.   I mean he’s a kid!

In my mind, I know the comments are coming from a good place.  I get that.  But It sounds like finger nails on a chalk board!  Oh wait… do chalk boards still exist?  Back on the subject at hand… do you have pet peeves?  Go over to the Wheelchair Daddy Facebook Page and share your pet peeves!

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