A few weeks ago I said I was going to try this blog thing.  Well, here we go… my first post.  This post will be a re-cap.  So it will be a little long.  To protect my family’s I will be using generic fun names when I refer to them rather than their actual name.  My wife will be referred to as the CEO or simply wife and my son will be The Boy or simply son.

I think back to when my wife told me that she was pregnant.  It still seems very surreal.  I was out walking our dog and she calls me on my cell phone (she NEVER calls me when I’m walking the dog).  She told me I needed to come home right away.  So I turn back, go in the house and I’m summons to bathroom.  She points to the sink and says read that.  It was a stick with the word PREGNANT.  I was like holly cow… what the..  We had a night of excitement and happiness.

The next morning reality hit – I looked in the mirror and thought; dude you’re going to be a dad!  EXCUSE ME???  Later that day I started scouring the internet searching for anything I could find about dads in wheelchairs … nothing!  Found a TON of stuff about parents with disabilities but everything was geared toward the mom.  I have to say I understand why now.  For the first 6 months of my son’s life I have to say my wife was the primary caregiver.  You’d be amazed by just how much mom’s know just from instinct.  It’s amazing.

Fast forward 9 months.  The big day has come!  My wife, being the intelligent one of the group elected to have a planned C-Section.   We go to the hospital we have our two closest friends with us that are like a brother and sister to us.  We check-in do all the “normal” things.  We get into my wife’s room and they get her hooked up to the monitoring machines.  I’m sitting there feeling helpless.  About 15 minutes go by and the nurse comes in a gives me a hair cap, gown, and things to cover my shoes.  So I get ready, and I’m sitting trying to stay calm because I know we are like minutes away.  I begin thinking to myself, why did I have to cover my shoes and not my wheels?  My shoes haven’t touched the ground but my wheels have…hmm?  Things that make you go hmm.  My wife’s doctor comes in and says are you guys ready?  Oh by the way, you’re in labor.  Wait a minute, back the boat up.  Oh by the way… SERIOUSLY!?

Fast forward 8 months.  So our son entered our lives 8 months ago.  It’s been a fun, exciting, and trying time but I think along with my amazing wife; we have gotten over the hardest physical obstacles.  He is able to sit up which makes it a lot easier for me to pick him up off the floor.  Before, I had to depend on my wife to get him off the floor and hand him to me.  At first that was a little frustrating but over-time it became the norm and I stopped giving it much thought.

That’s all for this post.  I’ll have another in a few days.

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