Can Manners Backfire?

Soccer Boy

Rachel and I may have taught Jacob to have manners too well??  Is that even possible?

Recently, Jacob participated in his first sports league, SOCCER!  It was a 8 week session for kids 3 and 4 years old.  It was a parent-involved lessons , Rachel tackled this like a champ.  GO MOMMY! The kids learned the various parts of their feet, how to kick the ball at various angles, stop the ball without falling flat on their face etc.  Well, you get it they learned the different areas of soccer.

However, the one thing they were not taught was – it’s okay NOT to share and NOT to be polite in sports!  The last 2 lessons/sessions they had them attempt an organized game.  I say attempt because the scene reminded me of herding cattle or sheep.  The parents ran after the kids keeping them focuses on chasing the ball and not each other!  After I got past the humor in that,  I got a feeling of pride watching Jacob run up and down the field.  The feeling of, proud dad my son is playing soccer, quickly turned into.. ummm Houston we have a problem.  Jacob ran up and down the field chasing the ball when he had his chance to steal ball he wouldn’t take it and if a girl had the ball, by all means, let’s just bow down and let her just go on pass.  How on earth do you teach a only child, who has a kind heart by nature, to snatch the “ball” sometimes?  Hmm… back to the drawing board!

One side note as father who uses a wheelchair –  When Jacob started soccer I fully expected the coach, kids,, and even parents to give me a once over or the kids to ask questions and stare.  I was pleasantly surprised!  None of what I thought was going to happen happened!  GREAT respect from the coach and parents.  After the first lesson, the kids began kicking the ball at my wheels as to include me in the fun!

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