About Me


Wheelchair Dad and SonI am a husband and dad who has Cerebral Palsy. Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I have a master’s degree in Adult Education and Online Learning.  When I have free time I play golf, bowl, and fly drones with my son. Nowadays, my free time is spent with my son and my wife.  In addition to our son, we have a dog, and a cat, and a white picket fence. Okay, maybe not quite a white picket fence. But, you get the drift we live a simple happy life.

Why A Blog?

Why I decided to start blogging. Well. I have to give credit to my wife for putting the bug in my ear. A few months after having our son my wife mentioned she would like to start a blog but really didn’t have time to. Then, she mentioned it again about a little while later. So I got to thinking, you know with the kind of work I have time to blog and it may be a good outlet and source for dads who use wheelchairs.

After a few weeks mulling over how I would do it and the things I would discuss. I started thinking back to when I first found out we were having a boy I searched the web, Facebook, etc., you name it daily for anything I could find about being a dad with cerebral palsy or even a dad who uses a wheelchair. I found a few things but nothing of real substance. The few things I did find were based in the UK. Mostly, what I found were sites geared toward mothers and their questions and concerns. Even the sites with title’s such a “Parent’s with Disabilities” still had a mother angle and heavily geared toward women – lacked the father perspective.

I’m definitely not an expert; I learn something new about my son and about myself every day. But, I hope this blog will give other dads with cerebral palsy or those dads with other disabilities who use wheelchairs out there a window into being a dad on wheels.


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