Just Being Dad … Really!

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Have you ever had something said to you that you had to take a minute to process?

I recently went to lunch with a friend.  Tricia and I have been friends since the 8th grade!  We mainly stay in touch through text messaging and Facebook.  But, from time to time we get together and just catch up on life.

Tricia said something I had to take minute to process.  She said, you know watching you and Jacob’s interaction and relationship and y’alls whole family dynamics is so amazing and inspiring.  When she said it, I knew instantly it was coming from a good place but I had to think about it.  I was like okayyyyy…. But, I’m just being a dad and my son is just being 4 years old.

Granted, we laugh and goof around but I also discipline and lay down law from time to time.  In my mind, I’m just being a dad to my son.

As parents, wheelchair or not, we all have a kind of relationship that is unique to our child and ourselves.  But, I got to thinking is the relationship that Jacob and I have that more special and unique and because of my disability and wheelchair OR is it perceived as more special because OF the wheelchair?

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