You Can Call Me the R word BUT Never-EVER the N word!

Have you had a day when you read a article that caused you to get your soap-box out and start shouting?

Yep, today is my day! So gather around and be bewildered with my wisdom…. okay, maybe bored to tears.  At anyrate, you get the idea… LISTEN!!

I was going through my Facebook feed today and I came across a article about the R word and how it should be offensive to society as a whole NOT just to those with disabilities.  AMEN! PREACH IT!
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Although the media isn’t listening.  I’m going to call out one media outlet Rock 100.5 here in Atlanta. One of the students I work with showed me the web page of a radio personality, Lindsey Marie.  Her page has her quoted as having “a mild case of social retardation.”  Mind you this has been up since November 2012 according to her web page,  Granted, this surely is to create a marketing image.  But, I must ask, if the webpage had said ‘I’m a social N****” how long would it be up? 30 seconds? a hour? a day? I assure you it would not be up over 2 years later.

Until parents stop using it to describe a child’s behavior; the offensive word will never be eradicated from our vocabulary. I do not believe I have ever heard a parent use the N word to describe their child’s behavior. What are your thoughts on why the R word is still socially acceptable?

As a human being, a member of society, a husband, a father, … and a person with a disability I hope I can eradicate the R word from our society by starting with my son.

Spread the Word and visit the R Word Campaign!

Thank you for listening.  Now, back to your regular scheduled programming.

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