Who is Wheelchair Daddy?

Man sitting in a wheelchair. Trees behind him.Who is Wheelchair Daddy?  Well, I’m glad you asked! I would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself, As well as, discuss the purpose of Wheelchair Daddy and the direction for the blog and brand in 2023!  Let’s get rolling!

My name is Glenn Moscoso, I have Cerebral Palsy. I‘m married and we have a son who is now 10!   My wife, Rachel, and I will celebrate 19 trips around the sun together next month in February.  I recently retired after a 25 year career in academia.  My career spanned from academic  researcher to instructor and ending with direct service to college students with disabilities.  My retirement is a good segway in what’s in store for Wheelchair Daddy in 2023!

Before we look forward, let’s look back on how Wheelchair Daddy came into existence. A few months after having our son my wife mentioned she would like to start a blog but really didn’t have the time to. Then, she mentioned it again about a little while later. So I got to thinking, you know with the kind of work I have time to blog and it may be a good outlet and source for other dads who use wheelchairs.

After a few weeks mulling over how I would design the blog and the things I would discuss. I started thinking back to when I first found out we were having a boy. I Googled every term, Facebook, etc., you name it daily for anything I could find about being a dad with cerebral palsy or even a dad who uses a wheelchair. I found a few things but nothing of real substance. The few things I did find were based in the UK. Mostly, what I found were sites geared toward mothers and their questions and concerns. Even the sites with title’s such a “Parent’s with Disabilities” still had a mother angle and heavily geared toward women – lacked the father perspective.   Wheelchair Daddy was born in hopes that by me documenting my experiences I would in-turn help fellow dads on wheels. But, life happened and the blog was turned into an extremely part time hobby.  With my retirement in hand, I am able to have Wheelchair Daddy as my new career – next chapter in life.

I have several things planned for Wheelchair Daddy.  Just for starters we will publish a monthly newsletter and at least 1 in depth blog post each month. 

I ask that you follow me on Instagram @WheelchairDaddy and join our community on Facebook!

I look forward to reconnecting with you and building a community.

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