Wheelchair Jeans … Actually Are Jeans!

Not a paid endorsement.

IMG_7626Hello, Mr. Jean! Welcome Back!  A few years back, maybe 5 years ago, blue jeans were banned from my wardrobe.  I got to a point where even the thought of blue jeans irritated me!

I get jeans are meant to be stiff and rugged.  However, because I sit all day, except the few seconds of standing to transfer to a couch or chair, jeans became really uncomfortable over the years.  There was not much give in certain areas and there was not any airflow so I got hot and sweaty.  I tried the baggy style, they were more comfortable but I kept feeling that at any moment they were going slide right off!  Jeans are just not a good piece of fashion if you sit all day.

Now that my son is getting into extracurricular activities, like sports, birthday parties etc. I don’t want to be “old guy” in the room with slacks on who looks like he just came from work.  So, I’ve been kind of looking at jeans.  I was thinking maybe the style and fit have changed in the last 5 years – yeah no!  Over the years I’ve looked at “clothing for wheelchair users” but everything I saw had a medical look and feel to it.  Not any mainstream fashion sense.  That all changed when I came across ABL Denim!

Again, this is not a paid endorsement.  ABL Denim, has got the wheelchair clothing and fashion right!  The website is what got me to give them a try a pair because the site has a feel of a mainstream website like Levi or some other clothing site.  Don’t get me wrong it’s evident that’s it’s jeans for the wheelchair user but it’s not the focus but the rather the fashion.

IMG_0076I ordered my first pair, I was a little nervous when the package arrived.  The website looked so good that I was afraid I’d be let down by the actual product.  Guess what! The jeans lived up to to website’s image!  The jeans are real denim; just a lesser weight so they are not as rigged and tight.

What is nice about ABL Denim as a company is they are still small enough that when you send them a email the CEO/Founder, Stephanie Alves, herself replies.  They started out as a tailor for those who use wheelchairs so they are willing to customize their jeans to fit your specific needs.  For example, their jeans come standard with zipper access to a leg (urine) *bag.  Well, I don’t use a leg bag so I asked if they could turn that opening to a pocket.  They said absolutely, gave me a price, which was VERY reasonable, and it was done!

Now I’m the cool dad in the fancy wheelchair and awesome blue jeans!

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