A REAL Wheelchair Accessible Van Dealership!

IMG_8352AMS Vans is not your typical wheelchair van dealer.  They are the real deal.  Just like any mainstream car dealership they are the manufactures of the wheelchair conversion vans.  So you are buying direct from the manufacturer and that in and of itself has benefits.  No middle man and service is done by the people who designed and built the conversion.  But, equally if not more important is the experience of buying a vehicle.  For Atlanta, AMS has magically turned the experience of buying an accessible van on its head!  The accessible van dealers in Atlanta are either in an office park or in a building that looks nothing like a dealership.  AMS steered away from that and acquired a former Ford dealership.

Going thru our daily activities occasionally we do something that takes us back to our childhood and a snapshot of that day in your childhood is retrieved.   As a father, who uses a wheelchair, subconsciously I wonder if my son will experience some of the same experiences I had with my dad.

We recently bought a wheelchair accessible van from AMS Vans and from the moment I pulled into AMS snap shots of my childhood filled my head.  When I went to AMS, I had my son with me and one of the things he said was “WOW Daddy, lots and lots of vans just like ours!”
Remember when you were a kid and you would go with your parents to look at a new car?  Your mom or dad would pull into a dealership and in your young mind you saw gigantic pillars with cars everywhere and the place looked huge!  One thing you have to understand is, at least in the Atlanta market, the wheelchair accessible van dealers have their showroom and service waiting area as one in the same.

Beyond the physical aesthetics, the people at AMS makes the place truly unique and specialIMG_7758.  I bought my first accessible van from AMS in 1998 and when it came time for a new one I followed my salesman to a competitor.  When I came back to AMS, 17 years later, it was like I never left.  The owner remembered me shook my hand and we talked for a little while.  Even some of service guys were still there and remembered me!  It was a true family atmosphere and feel.  The inventory at AMS is primarily used vans with brand new AMS wheelchair conversions.  I’m not one to buy used; it’s just not my thing.  My salesman, David Hoover, understood that and helped facilitate the purchase of new Honda from a local Honda dealership and had it delivered to AMS for the conversion to take place.  All without any surcharges.

AMS Vans, has brought the mainstream car buying and service to the wheelchair accessible van market.  Since it’s a former Ford dealership you have a showroom with gigantic pane windows and in the showroom the back wall as all the individual sales offices.   The service department is separate from the showroom with its own waiting area. Just like a REAL dealership.

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