Wheelchair Accessible Baby Proofing

It has been a few weeks since my last post.  My son is now 10 months old.  He is completely off baby food and is 100% on table food (except formula).  Really exciting time watching him grow and see his personality develop!

With each passing month he becomes more independent and gains new abilities.  Things get a little easier. With the new found independence it’s a few obstacles we can check off the list but new ones we have to add!

Baby proofing the house and keeping things accessible to me as a wheelchair user has been a bit of a challenge.  All the baby gates we have seen at the retail stores have walk through doors that are wide enough for 2 legs to go through – but not a wheelchair.

Hey!  Baby Safety Industry, over here!  Yea, the dad in the wheelchair who has the kid on his lap.  Umm, do ya think you could redesign your baby gates to be able to accommodate wheelchairs?  Granted there are not a lot of parents out there that use wheelchairs – but we do exist.  Ok. Ok, you’re right maybe wheelchair makes my butt really big but there are also people who walk that have trouble getting through the gates.

My green backs can spend just as well as the next dad’s… just sayin..

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