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The Ultimate Accessible Bag

Wheelchair bag with wallet built-inFinding a truly accessible bag can be a real challenge.  Particularly, in a society where a “man bag” is not widely accepted.  In addition to carrying around the staple items, a wallet, keys, a cell phone, a purse, people with disabilities, in general, need to carry around items related to their individual disability. 

For instance, I’ll use myself as an example.  I carry around car keys, my wallet and my cell phone but, in addition to all the staple items, I also carry around a few things that allow me to keep my independence out and about outside my home. Straws because I’m unable to hold a beverage in my hands while drinking.  I also lug around bottle/can opener because I don’t have the manual dexterity to open a bottle or can.  Granted I could simply ask for help – but some days I just don’t want to deal with fellow humans. 

Now, here comes the $10,000 dollar question!  How do I carry around all this stuff??  Hmm, a fanny pack? Yeah no, they are so 1980s and I really have no desire to be THAT guy.  I could use a backpack but that seems to be overkill.  AHA, I came up with a solution!Wheelchair Bag attached to wheelchair

I have the honor to announce that I have partnered with Feeldom Life to design the ultimate accessible bag!  Not just another wheelchair bag but a bag for all!  After several months of working with the designers at Feeldom I am excited to announce the TEKNO PLUS!  (Mad scientist voice  – IT’S A LIVE!)   Available now for pre-order.  Details at the end of this article. 

The TEKNO PLUS is not just a wheelchair bag.  It’s an accessible bag!  It can be used as a purse with the included shoulder strap.  It’s a bag for all with a universal design!  I tried to implement features that would facilitate a wide range of abilities.  Here is a run down of features: 

  • Large zipper pull tabs
  • Built in wallet with RFID security
  • Cash/coin pocket with a magnetic closer
  • Carabiner clip for keys
  • Large pocket to carry essentials
  • Clips to attach to wheelchair armrest
  • Shoulder strap to carry as a purse

The TEKNO PLUS is available now for pre-order with a release date of mid March.  The colors available for pre-order are Galaxy Purple and Forest Green and special a Limited Edition Navy Blue w/ Silver Lining Wheelchair Daddy Edition.  More colors will be released in the coming weeks!

Subscribe to the Wheelchair Daddy newsletter for a discount code!  Discount code emailed March 1.

Pre-Order without the discount code here!

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