Handicapped Parking: The Stripes Have Meaning!

handicapped-parkingHave you ever come out of a store or movie etc. only to find you were not able to get in your vehicle because another vehicle was blocking your access?! This happens frequently to those of us who have mini-vans with a wheelchair ramp that comes out on the side.  Yeah, um the stripes in the Handicapped Parking areas have meaning!

The striped lines next to a “handicap parking space,” is called the GORE. I prefer to use the term “accessible parking space.” I actually find it funny the term Gore was chosen to define this striped area. The Mrs. has to keep me under control so I don’t make things GORY when this happens!

Wheelchair Accessible

So allow me to explain why this striped area exists from a wheelchair users point of view. This area gives room for a wheelchair ramp to deploy from a van; which in-turn allows the wheelchair user to exit and enter their van making it wheelchair accessible.

When a car parks in this striped area or GORE to run in somewhere, or to wait for someone, or when you whip into the space next to the striped area and the car is over the line or half way in the GORE – THAT driver and THAT car is preventing me from entering or getting out of my van. The lines are part of the handicapped parking spot!

Prior to becoming a dad this would annoy me, but it didn’t really bother me that much. Now, that I am a dad it REALLY annoys me!

One, as a man, I don’t like my son to see his dad “weak” or “helpless.” Second, it’s not fair to my son to have to wait for Daddy to be able to get the van open. Third, on handicapped-parkinga funny note, if it’s raining I really don’t want 2 drenched people riding in the van!

Handicapped Parking Traffic Cone

I came up with a solution! I had a traffic cone made-up with the wheelchair symbol and the word RAMP under it. Hello, wheelchair accessibility.

I put the cone out when the space is tight or I anticipate a possible issue. I wanted a pet bear to sit in on the striped lines, but I figure animal control would not find this humorous. 😉

Please don’t be THAT driver! If you are interested in the cone please use the contact link on the top of my page and I will send you the details.

Want to read more of wheelchair users pet peeves? Don’t miss this post.

Do you have a crazy handicapped parking story? 

Share your story in the comments below! 🙂

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Handicapped parking has its perks, but not when another driver doesn't understand how parking in a spot for wheelchair users works. The stripes have meaning! This blogger designed a handicapped parking cone to solve this big problem. | www.WheelchairDaddy.com

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  1. This happened to us tonight coming out of OSF, after dinner. I had my husband back into the handicap space so our vehicle passenger side would be next to the striped lines. We came out and some young female was parked in the striped spot. It was pouring down rain, and it made it difficult to get to the front passenger door in my wheelchair. I tried to tell her she can’t park there, she was like “okay?”. But didn’t move her car. Instead, she got out of her car and went inside the restaurant. This level of entitlement has gotten way out of control. Personally I think when someone parks their car in that area, it ought to get towed. We already have a difficult enough time finding open handicap parking spaces then to have someone pull a stunt like that….

    1. I live in an association that has placed signs at the striped access spaces to the handicapped spaces to incourage people with golf carts and scooters to park in the gore. And sometimes you will see several golf carts up to 3-4 park there on a regular basis. Who can I call to report this?

      1. Try your local police or HOA

  2. Patricia Smith says:

    Without a van, van, can I park where the striped are? I’m a new handicap placard user?

  3. The other day I was legally parked in a Van Accessible handicap spot, got my wheelchair off the ramp & went shopping. When I came out someone was parked in the “gore” and I could not get in my van. I called the police, they chose to not enforce it despite the woman who parked in the gore claimed she did not know cars could not park on the hash lines. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. How do we get ADA laws enforced if police are unwilling to write tickets or citations? This happens too frequently for me and I am tired of it,

  4. Margaret J Wolfe says:

    My son has handicapped placard. Often non-placard/vehicles park on the striped lines next to signed handicapped spot. He does not use a wheelchair, but because of knee replacements needs the striped space for extra room when entering or leaving his truck. Can the cars parking in the striped spaces be cited?

  5. Sharon Chvala says:

    My husband and I came out if a restaurant to find a car park in the striped zone which meant I could not get the ramp down to get into the van.Driver was not there although a passenger was my husband asked the passenger to move the car which she responded she wasn’t driving. My husband found the driver who went to move the car.
    The passenger went to berate us, cussing us with filthy language saying she can park wherever she damn pleases. Most horrible experience.
    Would love to have a recourse when this happens.

  6. Anthony Bush says:

    Y did I get a handicap parking violation ticket, when I was parked in the white lines , next to the handicap parking space. I’m a food delivery driver, who was in the spot for 3.2 nano seconds. Came out, while she was still typing in the information for my $250 handicap parking violation

    1. The law is not based on a time limit like a parking meter.

    2. Kim Ousley says:

      It’s illegal. I’m a amputee. I have to be able to open my driver side door all the way. If you park there, I have no way to access my car. I can’t bend a fake leg. you are being entitled if you have this popular opinion.

    3. Would you like a wheelchair van to pull up behind you – block you in and say …they’ll be back in 3.2 nano seconds

  7. I understand that a disabled parking permit allows those with disabilities to park in any disabled spot they wish (at least I think this is the case). However, as a manual wheelchair user that breaks her wheelchair down each time she enters and exits the driver’s seat, I see red when I find someone with a permit using the striped spot when not necessary (no wheelchair or equipment to load/unload). Using the striped spots means you need the space. I am, like you, tired of getting rained on and/or wasting time while looking for the owner of the car parked in the striped spots- they don’t need the space. It would be nice if they’d take the extra 18 steps to the entrances and allow me to get out of my car altogether. Having all 14 permit spots taken by people who are able-bodied makes zero sense to me. Thoughts?

  8. Wheelchair User says:

    Things will NOT change, regardless of the Laws until PEOPLE BEGIN TO CARE about someone OTHER THAN THEMSELVES! There NEEDS to be a sign POSTED of the fine & that fine needs to be EXPENSIVE! There also NEEDS to be signage within the hash marks as well as in front of them that states NO PARKING OR ITEMS LEFT IN THIS AREA! They also NEED TO BE ENFORCED!

  9. Grace Lowe says:

    What are the yellow slanted Lines next to a handicapped parking ???

    1. Exact same concept. Some are blue, yellow, and even white.

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