Microsoft Guy turns Apple Guy

Do you remember the story when Eve offered Adam a bite of the forbidden apple?  I took a bite of the modern-day Apple about 18 years ago.  But it took 18 years for the final drop of poison to hit me.

I was always a Windows/PC guy.  My cousin and I would build Windows based computers for sport. I was anti-Apple!  I even had a saying for Mac.  MAC = More A** Crap.

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How I Bit Into The Apple

I remember sitting in Rachel’s dorm room.  She had a MacBook.   In her kind sweet voice, Rachel asked me to help her with some homework.  She showed me how to use her MacBook.

That was my bite of the forbidden fruit.  Much like Adam, I didn’t realize what happen until it was too late!    I didn’t want to admit it at the time but I liked using the MacBook.

Microsoft Cons

During our dating years Rachel tried Dell a few times after a couple of hard drive crashes she went back to Apple.  I was stubborn and stayed with Dell.  I too had a couple hard drive crashes with Dell.  Then, there was “THE CRASH” all of our pictures from our dating years GONE!

Fast forward to the introduction of the iPhone.   We had been married for a couple of years and it was time to upgrade of cell phones.  I gave in to the Apple.  We upgraded to the Apple iPhone.

I fell in love with the phone but still fought switching from Dell to Apple.  During my master program I used a Dell laptop.  Admittedly, I had a few times I had some hard drive scares when I was nervous I lost my entire thesis!

Fast forward 7 years.  About a month or 2 after Jacob was born I told Rachel that I wanted to make movies to preserve our family memories in pictures and video.  Let’s buy an iMac.  She looked at me like I had 2 heads and I had have lost my mind.  After 5 years using the iMac the final drop of poison hit   A few weeks ago I caved and bought a MacBook Pro for myself.  This anti-Mac and pro-Windows guy is officially living a Windows-free at home life.

Apple Pros

In my research on the type of MacBook to buy I read a lot of negative reviews on the new Touch Bar not being worth the money.  I am a tech guy so I ignored the reviews and went ahead and got the model with the Touch Bar.  I could see the potential moving forward.

The potential of the Touch Bar on the Apple MacBook is here today!  As a person with cerebral palsy my manual dexterity and coordination is impacted.  So, you never want me to shuffle a deck of cards unless of course 52 card pick-up is your thing!

The new Touch Bar eliminates much of the need to hold the shift-key and another key to access the other options.  So, for instance, if I want to underline or bold a word in Microsoft Word; I simply press the appropriate button on the Touch Bar.

So, if you’re a Dad with manual dexterity issues.  Consider the new Apple MacBook Pro w/Touch Bar!

Do you love Apple or Microsoft?
Tell me why in the comments below!

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