Letter to Son on Father’s Day

Wheelchair Dad and SonHey Buddy,

Guess what?! It’s Father’s Day!  It’s all about me today. According to Father’s Day history, you are to honor me, thank me for all my hard work and sacrifices I have made during the year and shower me with gifts. Ahhh yes! MY day!

Psst, come here. Let me fill you in on something. I have never thought much about Father’s Day. Rather, it’s just another day to me. Actually, the day you were born was my Father’s Day. That’s the day I became your Father.

All this stuff about working hard and sacrifices; Son it’s a bunch of bologna. You see son, I wanted to be a dad. Granted there were times I wasn’t sure about it and there were times I wondered if I ever would be a Father. So, all of those “sacrifices” I supposedly have made during the year; weren’t sacrifices at all.  Just the opposite everything I do for you or with you is all out of love for you..  The truth is most of what I do is for my enjoyment.  Not to mention me holding up my end of the bargain to G-D for granting me the honor of being your Father.

That’s not to say you don’t try and push my buttons or test my patience you certainly do. Believe, it or not in twisted humorous way I actually kinda like it because it means I’m doing my job. I’m being your Father.

On this Father’s Day, I don’t want a polo shirt, the newest gadget on the market, or anything material. This Father’s Day, I want you to be a good boy. Be yourself! Let’s chase each other with water guns and get your mom in the middle.  Follow me around the house hanging on to the back of my wheelchair.  Ask me to fix something, play ball, Legos and cars.

This Father’s Day do your job and be a 3 (almost 4) year old boy!

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