He Just Knows

My son, Jacob turns 2 in 10 days!

His mother and I were working on his birthday party invitations and I had the chance to reminisce the past year.  I’m not a religious person but watching him develop over the year and his sense of understanding just makes me believe God/Yeshua knows my fears and concerns and puts them to rest with each passing day.   I’m just daddy to Jacob, not daddy who uses a wheelchair or daddy who talks a little different…Just Daddy.

I’ll lighten the mood a little bit and share a couple of funny stories that illustrates what I said earlier.  I use a manual wheelchair inside the house and a power chair out and about on the go.  Mind you, we have never discussed “its not a toy” etc.  We never have because we’ve never had to.   Well, one Saturday a few months ago I was sitting on the couching.  I think I was watching TV – I’m not sure.  Jacob was playing around just being a toddler.  My wife came over and plopped down in my wheelchair to ask me something.  Less than a minute after she sat down he ran over a little whinny pushing on her back and pulling her hand saying “UP! UP!”  So, she gets up and sits next to me. Jacob pats the cushion on my wheelchair and says “No …. Daddy”  He goes back to playing.

Another time, we went to watch a friend of ours son play little league baseball.  He was sitting on the bleacher and he got down and stood by the fence and watched the game.  After awhile he came over to me; didn’t say a word he pushed my feet apart and sat on my footrest.

None of this was taught or discussed.

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