The Disability Shark is Circling!

The Boy turned 4 and the disability shark is circling!

As parents, we all know we have to have certain talks at different stages in life.  The good/bad touch talk. The stranger talk, The birds and the bees, bullying, etc.  All kinds of conversations we know we are going to have to have at some point.  But there is one conversation that is unique for parents with disabilities.

It’s the DISABILITY TALK!  You never know when it’s coming or how it will come up!  All the other “talks” have an age associated with them; but not this one!  It reminds me of the movie  JAWS.  The shark is swimming around and you don’t know when the teeth will emerge!

A little while ago, The Boy and I were sitting on the couch together.  He gets up to do something; as he is coming around me he stops and pats me on the leg and says “Daddy, you use a wheelchair because your leg is broke, Right.” He keeps going and nothing else is said.  So, the shark reared his teeth but went back in the water.   Now, keep in mind The Boy is the type that if he’s really curious about something he’ll get on the “Why?” rant and not let go until he’s satisfied with the answer.  A week or so goes by after his first mention and he says something again.  This time Rachel and I were like alright we have to explain it to him.  So we immediately, tried talking to him.  Yea, he had no interest in the subject.  In fact, he gave us a look like I have no idea what you’re talking about so I’m just going to keep playing. Alrighty then, so we left it at that.   There’s that shark again!  Another week or so past, him and I were out walking to corner pizza shop. He’s talking about just random stuff how the rain makes the flowers grow etc.  Then the talking stops. (enter JAWS music).  He’s walking a couple of feet ahead. I hear “Daddy, I can walk because my legs aren’t broke.  You don’t cause your leg is broke.”  The shark reared its head!  I’m thinking, I got this!  It’s just him and I, no toys, no tv to distract him.  Before, I could start talking he’s on to talking about looking both ways before crossing the street!  That shark is taunting me and it’s too quick to capture.

I haven’t seen the shark in a few weeks but I know it’s swimming around.

The Boy is a very independent thinker.  I know he’s formulating in his mind why does my dad use a chair but not my mom.  I guess this is G-D’s way of telling me it’s coming, GET READY!

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