It’s A Cerebral Palsy Life Journey!

Have you ever had a conversation that started out in one direction and then took you on a on-ramp that took you on a highway that you hadn’t been on in a while?

I was recently interviewed by Wheel Life, an online magazine for people who use wheelchairs.  The premise of the interview was to be about my blog, Wheelchair Daddy.  During the “road trip” of the interview the interviewer took me down a highway I had not been on in years!

The interviewer, took me on a road trip of my childhood up to now.  During the road trip, I saw different things that were great memories.  From cleaning my room to riding go-karts with my cousins.  All good memories.

It wasn’t until I read the published article did I realize that all the moments in my life that I re-visited did I realize collectively they made me the success I am today.  A husband, father, homeowner, etc.  Thank. You Mom, Dad, and my Brother!

I invite you to read the article at

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