6 Unique Gift Ideas for the Wheelchair User

It’s that time again! The gifting giving season time of year.  There is no shortage of gift guides, but this gift guide is specific to the wheelchair user.  Here are 6 Unique Gift Ideas for the Wheelchair User in your life!


I have been wearing blue jeans by ABL Denim for several years.  I wrote about these a couple of years ago in a previous post.  These are my favorite jean because these wheelchair jeans aren’t your typical jean!   Since they are cut specifically for the seated position they have a higher back and lower waist.  There are not any pockets in the back but there is an outside thigh pocket.  Great for a small wallet and cell phone.

wheelchair jeans

Wheelchair Bags

The Slice Jr. Mini Pack is great for holding those small items you need but are not very comfortable in a pant pocket because your sitting.  I keep a mini pack on my power wheelchair armrest and one on my manual wheelchair frame.  The pack is great for keeping a pen, sunglasses, or those odds and end things children always end up asking you to hold.


The Slice Wheelchair Accessories Backpack has a special place in my heart.   The first month or two that my son was born we tried the traditional diaper bag.  The traditional diaper bag got to be very frustrating because it would rub on the wheels of my wheelchair or the straps got caught in the spokes of my tires.  One day I put everything that was in the diaper bag and threw it all in the Slice Wheelchair Accessories Backpack.  To my surprise I still had room for the things I already had in there.  The Slice Wheelchair Accessories Backpack became our full-time diaper bag.  Even today, 5 years later, I still have the backpack on my chair and our son will put his jacket, or drink bottle, or whatever else we end up collecting on our daily routines right into the bag.  

wheelchair bags

Wheelchair Accessories

The SD No Slip Wheelchair Clip is a great accessory for the wheelchair user!  I have a couple of these on both my wheelchairs to hold bags   Because, as a wheelchair user, both of my hands are tied up pushing my wheelchair.

The No-Slip Grip-Clip is a smaller clip than the SD No-Slip Wheelchair Clip .  Its smaller clip so I use these on my manual wheelchair.  Here is a secret I found completely by accident.  If you have the optional handle on your Yeti you can slide the handle into the clip and the No-Slip Grip-Clip becomes an instant cup holder!

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